Contact the Virginia National Guard

Please contact the Virginia Department of Emergency Management at to request National Guard support. The VNG can’t accept direct requests for assistance, and they must be processed through VDEM.

The Virginia National Guard does not have a published list of phone numbers for readiness centers or other facilities posted online.

If you are trying to contact a particular Virginia Guard unit or some other organization within the Virginia Guard, please contact the Fort Pickett switchboard at 434-292-8621.

For more information about Fort Pickett, visit the official web site at

To contact Fort Pickett Range Operations, call 434-292-8605 or 434-292-8506.

To contact the Fort Pickett director of public works, call 434-292-8303.

To contact the Virginia Army National Guard Pay Hotline, call 434-298-6190.

If you are trying to get a copy of your historical records, DD 214 or NGB 22, please call the Virginia Army National Guard Historical Records Hotline at 434-298-6191. Soldiers currently in the Virginia Army National Guard should contact their unit Readiness NCO for assistance.

To contact the Office of the State Inspector General, call 434-292-VAIG (8244) or email For more information, visit the IG information web page at

To contact Virginia Army National Guard Computer Technical Support, call 434-298-6138.

For information on selling products and services to the Virginia National Guard, contact the contracting officer at 434-298-6210.

If you are looking for Virginia National Guard sponsorship at an event or have advertising opportunities for the Virginia National Guard, please contact the Recruiting and Retention Command Marketing NCO at 434-294-1470.

To contact the Virginia National Guard Joint Operations Center in Sandston, call 804-236-7704 or 804-236-7705. To send a fax, dial 804-328-3016.

For information about requesting the Virginia National Guard to set up a static equipment or vehicle display, make use of a Virginia National Guard readiness center, request the 29th Division Band, have a guest speaker at an event, request a color guard or other military support for a community event, visit the Community Relations page.

If you are a member of the news media and have a media query, contact the Virginia National Guard state public affairs officer at 804-236-7892 or email

To request public affairs support for training at Fort Pickett, contact the Virginia National Guard state public affairs officer at 804-236-7892 or email

Last updated Sept. 23, 2015