Tuition assistance deadline is November 1

FORT PICKETT, Va. — The application deadline for the Spring Semester, Virginia National Guard state tuition assistance is November 1, 2018.

The State Tuition Assistance Program offers up to $6,250 per year for tuition and fees and one credential at each level up to a Ph.D.

Tuition assistance can now be used at participating online schools not in Virginia but service members can only attend on campus classes at Virginia schools, and it can not be used at for-profit schools. All users incur a 2-year commitment to the Virginia National Guard upon completion of last term used.

Application deadlines:
1 July – Fall Semester
1 November – Spring Semester

Original promissory notes must be mailed in every new state fiscal year, which begins on 1 July.

Mailing Address:
Virginia Army National Guard
JFHQ, G1 Education Office
BLDG 316 Fort Pickett
Blackstone VA 23824

Grades must be turned in within 30 days after the end of each semester STA was used to Ms. Terri Stallings at

Apply at one the website below:

The Federal Tuition Assistance Program offers $250 per credit hour limit not to exceed 16 credits. Only ONE credential at each level, and individuals must have 10 years of service to use tuition assistance for a Master’s degree unless haven’t used TA prior. Soldiers must complete Advanced Leaders Course, Captain Career Course or Warrant Officer Advanced Course to use FTA for a master’s degree if you used FTA towards your undergraduate degree.

Officers incur a 4-year service obligation after use.

GI Bill Programs

Chapter 30 (Active Duty)
– Must have paid into the program while on active duty.

Chapter 33 (Post 9/11)
– Must have at least 90 days of qualifying service on active duty after 9/11

Chapter 1606 (Montgomery Select Reserve) – High school diploma or equivalent – Six year continuous contract – Complete Basic and Initial Active Duty Training (IADT) or BOLC – Full-time benefit is $375 per month – Pays directly to veteran – Can not be used with Federal Tuition Assistance, but it can be used with State TA.

If Soldier is eligible for only ONE GI Bill – Max of 36 months of full-time benefits If Soldier is eligible for MORE THAN ONE GI Bill – MAY BE eligible for lifetime max of 48 months of full-time benefits when combining 2 or more GI Bill Programs

For any more information about education benefits please call the education phone or email the education mailbox.

Phone: (434) 298-6222