Adjutant General’s 2016 Labor Day Safety Message

Maj. Gen. Timothy P. Williams

Maj. Gen. Timothy P. Williams

On September 5, our nation will celebrate Labor Day as a way to pay tribute to American citizens who work so hard to create and sustain this great country. Our nation’s strength, freedom, well-being and prosperity is impossible without the dedication and tireless efforts of the American worker.

Labor Day is also traditionally associated with the end of summer and one last time to enjoy the activities that make summer great. Unfortunately, many of those activities entail greater risks and can lead to tragedy. We can prevent that from happening by staying focused on safety. I encourage everyone to read through the safety tips courtesy of the Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation Office copied below.

Leaders at all levels must stay engaged while making sure that every Soldier, Airmen, Va. Defense Force trooper and state and federal civilian understands the risks of drinking and driving, as well as the safety, regulatory, and legal requirements for operating a motorcycle. Through our continued focus and diligence, we can keep our entire workforce and their families safe from these preventable accidents.

Remember during the holiday weekend that we have more than 700 Soldiers and Airmen deployed on federal active duty away from their loves ones and doing their part to part to keep us all safe. Please keep all of them, and their families, in your thoughts and prayers.

This Labor Day, take time to reflect on all the hard work we have done to make our country and Commonwealth great. Be safe and stop an unsafe act if you see one. We need every member of our team to safely return and continue our mission.

Maj. Gen. Timothy P. Williams
The 28th Adjutant General of Virginia


Labor Day Safety Tips from Army MWR

Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching and for many that will mean end of summer celebrations. Whatever activity you choose please keep the following safety tips in mind.

Water Activities: For many, Labor Day weekend may the last opportunity of the summer to go boating, swimming or fishing. Please remember:
– Never go boating or swimming alone.
– Obey posted boating laws.
– Do not drink alcohol and operate a watercraft.
– Have Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) available for everyone on-board.
– When renting a boat of any type, make sure you know how to properly operate it.
– Use sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids.
– Take precautions to keep any fish caught properly cooled until ready for use.

Grilling: If grilling is in your plans, please observe the following to enjoy a safe cook-out for you and those you are sharing your festivities with:
– Clean your grill after every use.
– Keep meats cold prior to grilling.
– Use utensils with long handles.
– Only light a propane grill with the built-in electronic lighter, fireplace matches, or a fireplace lighter.
– Keep a spray water bottle handy for flare-ups.
– Make sure meats are cooked thoroughly.
– If you marinate chicken, beef or pork, don’t use the leftover liquid as a baste to cook with.
– Keep salads that are mayonnaise based properly cooled.

Driving: If you will be traveling on the roadways Labor Day weekend, keep in mind the traffic will be heavy. It is with that thought in mind we urge you to:

– Use your seat belts and make sure your passengers do as well.
– Don’t drink and drive.
– Allow enough time for travel and avoid excessive speed.
– Eliminate distracted driving activities, especially with your cell phone.
– Keep an eye out for other drivers and use defensive driving techniques.