Financial counselor available to assist with wide variety of financial planning

SANDSTON, Va. — A new personal financial counselor has been assigned to the Virginia National Guard for the next 90 days and is available at no cost to assist with a wide variety of financial planning needs.

A PFC provides direct financial readiness education and counseling services on topics such as personal financial planning, budgeting, saving, reducing debt, retirement planning, deployment financial planning, understanding military pay and understanding state and federal financial benefits. The PFC has overall responsibility for addressing the personal financial readiness needs of military families and meets with families and unit family support staff to assess needs related to personal financial management. The PFC makes appropriate referrals and warm transfers to military and community resources to address identified needs.

A PFC is available to make presentations during drill weekends or be available for one-on-one counseling sessions through the day, and the presentations can be tailored to meet unit needs. Download a brochure with more information by clicking this link:

Before meeting with a PFC, personnel are encouraged to download the checklist available at this link:

For more information, contact Brian Lomax, AFC, by phone at (703) 635-9853 or by email at