Holiday message from Adjutant General, Senior Enlisted Advisor

Brig. Gen. Timothy P. Williams

Brig. Gen. Timothy P. Williams

SANDSTON, Va. — Command Sgt. Maj. Ferris and I want to wish everyone in the Virginia National Guard, whether you are serving in uniform, as a civilian or as a family member, a wonderful holiday season. Regardless of your faith background, the central theme during this time of year is peace to all. This is the time of year to look back and give thanks for all the good in our lives and renew the strength we used to overcome any adversities.

Please remember as you gather with family and friends during this holiday season that we have Soldiers and Airmen who are away from their loved ones, serving along with their brothers and sisters in other branches of the armed forces. These brave men and women are on duty all over the world in both combat operations as well as peacekeeping missions, and we should keep them all in our thoughts and prayers. A special thanks to their families as they will be missing their loved ones, but we hope finding comfort in knowing that the separation is supporting a greater good and promoting the ideals of freedom across the globe.

We have witnessed a year that has been replete with violence and acts of terrorism around the world that seem to be endless – it is our hope that this holiday season will serve as a break from that and allow us to focus on the good of this world. With that in mind, each of you represent what is great about our nation and our communities. You make a difference every time you wear the cloth of our nation or support those in uniform, and our citizens are fortunate that each of you has volunteered to serve.

We must all remain vigilant in everything we do and work together to keep each other safe. Being vigilant runs the spectrum of being safe when you are taking long trips in your car to remembering operational security during your online activities. Each and every one of you has an important role to play in our organization, so we must do all we can to keep safety in mind in everything we do.

Before you get on the road, make sure that you get plenty of rest. As you plan your trip, be sure you have scheduled breaks along the way. The Travel Risk Planning System at is a valuable tool to help mitigate risks associated with travel.

For tips on holiday safety, please visit the following link:

For tips on staying safe using social media, please visit the following link:

The coming year remains uncertain when it comes to financial pressures that our entire military face as well as the challenges across the globe, but our nation can look to you standing ready to answer the call – Always Ready, Always There. 

Thank you for what you do as a Soldier, Airman, member of the Virginia Defense Force, and as a state or federal civilian employee. A special thanks to your family and friends for their unwavering support. We couldn’t accomplish our mission without them.

Wishing you a joyous season,

Brig. Gen. Timothy P. Williams
The Adjutant General of Virginia

Command Sgt. Maj. Alan M. Ferris
Virginia National Guard Senior Enlisted Advisor