Army Safety Gram: Tips to Help You Safely Deck Your Halls

Safety Gram 14-05 Tips to Help You Safely Deck Your HallsThe Holiday Season means road trips, package wraps and ribbons, a fully trimmed tree, and more challenges. Consider these few tips for planning and safety this Holiday Season:

Safety Checklist before the Holidays
– Put any fuel that can catch on fire in a safe container outside the home.
– Test your home’s multipurpose fire extinguisher.
– Test the batteries in your fire alarm.
– Clear any clutter out of escape routes from your home.
– If toddlers will be visiting, install safety gates at tops and bottoms of stairs.
– Check your throw rugs for non-slip backings.
– Put nightlights in hallways.
– Test the ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), both indoors and outdoors.

Holiday Decorations and Tree Trimming
– Before you buy a live tree, bend some needles in half. If they break easily or don’t spring back, the tree is too dry.
– At home, put your tree in a non-tip stand kept filled with water.
– Place it at least three feet (one meter) away from a heat source, and near an electrical outlet.
– Before you string on the lights, inspect the bulbs, sockets, and cords for damage. Never put candles on a tree.
– String no more than three strands of lights together.
– If you buy a decorative plant for the holidays, ask the florist if it’s poisonous to kids or pets. Keep questionable plants out of children’s reach.

Reach For The Star – But Don’t Reach Far!
– Face a ladder while climbing, and wear non-slip soles.
– When reaching to crown your tree with an ornament, keep your body centered on the ladder.
– On a stepladder, stand no higher than the second rung from the top.
– When nailing Santa onto the roof, remember that the highest safe standing level of an extension ladder is third rung from the top.
– Place your outdoor ladder well away from power lines, on level ground.

Great Safety Gifts to Give and Get
– Smoke alarm
– Cooking thermometer
– Car emergency kit
– Reaching aids
– Safety glasses / goggles
– Escape ladder
– Fire extinguisher
– Carbon monoxide detector

Make sure you keep these safety tips in mind keep your Holidays a joyous occasion for everyone!