Adjutant General’s 2013 Veterans Day Message

Maj. Gen. Daniel E. Long, Jr.

Maj. Gen. Daniel E. Long, Jr.

On Monday, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America will celebrate Veterans Day, an annual tradition that began with the armistice ending the First World War and has since become a time to officially honor the millions of men and women who have served our Nation in uniform during peacetime and war.

Among those millions are many tens of thousands of Virginia National Guard Soldiers and Airmen. Since 2001 alone, more than 15,000 have served on federal active duty in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Kosovo, while more than 7,300 have supported state and local emergency-response operations closer to home.

In more than four decades of military service, I have never seen a more professional, motivated, dedicated, and battle-tested group of National Guardsmen and Women than we have in the Commonwealth of Virginia today. These past 13 years have truly been their “finest hour”—one that our State and our Nation will not soon forget.

To all Veterans in the Commonwealth, we honor your courage and your selfless service. To the current Soldiers and Airmen of the Virginia National Guard, I could not be more proud to serve with you all. Thank you for everything that you do, and please have a safe and relaxing Veterans Day with your loved ones. You earned it.

Major General Daniel E. Long Jr.
The Adjutant General of Virginia