JFHQ Soldiers sharpen land navigation skills

JFHQ Soldiers sharpen land navigation skills

Soldiers from Joint Force Headquarters-Virginia conduct land navigation training Nov. 3, 2013, at Fort Pickett, Va. The practical land navigation exercise wrapped up the first drill weekend of the fiscal year for the unit. (Photo by Maj. James C. Shaver)

FORT PICKETT, Va. – Soldiers assigned to Joint Force Headquarters – Virginia gathered at Fort Pickett Nov. 2-3, 2013, for land navigation training, during their first drill weekend of the new fiscal year, which began in October. The Soldiers spent Saturday in the classroom going over land navigation basics before heading out to the woods on Sunday for testing.

“I wanted to give everyone in the unit who could participate a chance to get back to basics with some training that can always come in handy,” said Maj. James C. Shaver, commander of JFHQ-VA. “I think the instructors and students both got a lot of benefits from this. We had great weather and a motivated group of participants and I even had a chance to get my boots muddy.”

“It was a great learning reinforcement experience that helped preserve our warrior skills,” said Staff Sgt. Miranda Carter Davis.

The Soldiers worked on such skills a map reading, terrain association and dismounted navigation.

“It is awesome that we all got to do training on drill,” said Staff Sgt. Joshua Earley. “The senior leadership held a high standard in the class portion and field portion of the training. Everyone worked together to learn a skill that is perishable.

Nearly 20 Soldiers were involved in the training exercise.

“The Soldiers from JFHQ that volunteered for land navigation training were extremely motivated and willing to learn,” said Staff Sgt. Robert Vaught. “Because of their enthusiasm, the instructors were able to provide detailed classes in an efficient manner.”

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