Virginia National Guard establishes Linked In group for employment resources

SANDSTON, Va. — The Virginia National Guard has established the Virginia National Guard Employers Network on Linked In, a career opportunity and assistance networking group. You can join the group by visiting the following link:

According to the group’s introduction message, “This is the virtual place to meet, interact and share ideas respectfully with current and former members of the Virginia National Guard, their spouses, and employers desiring the many benefits provided by employees with military experience. We are an all-volunteer group with the planning, programming, and presentations conducted by volunteers and members.”

The group is open to current members of the Virginia Army and Air National Guard and their spouses seeking career employment and can help them gain access to job opportunities supporting their service in the Virginia National Guard, as well as providing professional advice and assistance in fulfilling their career goals.

Employers can post their job announcements and gain knowledge in supporting and retaining employees with military service.

According to the group’s introduction message, “As an employee, Virginia National Guard Members are highly motivated professionals with solid leadership skills and an excellent work ethic. The extraordinary spouses supporting the members of Virginia’s Guard provide additional opportunities for employers to add quality and commitment to their workforce.”

Virginia National Guard members, current and former, who are successfully accomplishing their civilian career goals, can help support the efforts of group members. They can act as mentors, post job announcements and provide best practices from their employment experiences.

The group’s introduction message asks to please include the date in the title when posting information that is specific to a date and use the appropriate tabs for Discussion, Jobs and Promotions. Members are encouraged to ‘flag’ postings that are inappropriate.

For more information, contact 1st Lt. Bryan Hicks, apprenticeship program coordinator, by phone at 804-236-7845 or by email at

More information is also available at the Virginia National Guard Employment Services web site at