Land Component Commander publishes Annual Training Safety Message

SUBJECT: Annual Training Safety Message 2012

1.   At the conclusion of the Memorial Day weekend, the Virginia Army National Guard will enter into our Annual Training cycle for this fiscal year.  Safety and risk management should be foremost on every Soldier’s mind as we enter this cycle.

2.   Commanders are to ensure they are in compliance with all unit Safety Programs and they are up to date.  Leaders at all levels are to ensure unit risk management and safety briefings are conducted for all activities.  All convoys and vehicle operations will be IAW applicable regulations and laws.

All Soldiers, regardless of rank are safety officers.

When an unsafe act is observed, do the right thing and take action to stop the unsafe act.

Annual Training Safety Message 2012 from the Land Component Commander

3.   Use eye and ear protection when on the firing range, in dusty areas, or around high noise producing equipment.  Properly wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when maintaining or refueling equipment.  Ensure equipment operators are properly licensed and PMCS checks are performed IAW the applicable TM.  These are the “Big Three” as most injuries or damage to equipment can be attributed to a failure of individual Soldiers to do such.

4.   When conducting field training, be on the alert for bugs, snakes, and other wildlife which can cause injury or illness.  Watch your battle buddy for signs of heat injury.  Maintain accountability of your OCIE and other issued equipment.  Every Soldier is responsible for protecting the force, which means protecting the Soldiers, equipment, and facilities.

5.   Our objective is to complete this Annual Training cycle with “zero” accidents or incidents of injury or illness to Soldiers or damage or loss of equipment.

6.   Think Safety in all you do —–

Land Component Commander