Virginia Guard Air, Army troops travel to Tajikistan for medical information exchange

Two Tajikistani troops practice medical evaluation and treatment during a medical information exchange with the Virginia National Guard March 6- 15 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

SANDSTON, Va. — From March 6- 15, five Virginia National Guard Airmen and Soldiers participated in a medical information exchange with members of the Tajik Ministry of Defense in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.   

Col. Frank Y. Yang and Master Sgt. Dawn Valois of the Virginia Air National Guard and Maj. Rhonda Wynder, 2nd Lt. Nicole Murphy and Sgt. 1st Class Ellen Billmyer of the Virginia Army National Guard met with 17 Tajik officers, warrant officers and civilian personnel to follow-up on a medical exchange which took place in August 2011 in Dushanbe.  The Virginia National Guard personnel provided indepth briefings, held discussions on medical issues, and planned for future information exchanges.

 A wide range of topics were covered during the exchange, including hygiene and sanitation, trauma assessment, vital signs, airway management, chest trauma and controlled bleeding.  They also discussed heat and cold injuries, environmental injuries, tactical casualty movement and triage.  The 10-day exchange also touched on the Air Force Self Aid/Buddy Care course, the Army Combat Lifesaver course, and emergency medical operations.

“The Tajik army officers had very little medical training but were eager to learn, participated actively in class, and asked great questions,” Yang said.  “I believe they learned a great deal from our exchange and will be able to properly train their Soldiers.”