Virginia National Guard State Tuition Assistance Program

State Tuition Assistance

To apply for State Tuition Assistance benefits Service Members can go to each semester and complete the application. The site is opened 30 days prior to the application submission deadline dates. Note: use internet explorer for best results.

Application submission deadline dates: 1 Jul for Fall semester, 1 November for Spring semester, and 1 April for Summer semester.

To be approved for STA Service Member must go to to print the current year Grade Release and Promissory Note. The original signed document must be submitted and mailed each State Fiscal Year (1 July) to:

Virginia Army National Guard
Attn: Education Department
Bldg 316 Ft Pickett
Blackstone, VA 23832

Tuition and Fee amounts are approved by the Adjutant General of Virginia and are contingent upon availability of funding.

To reach the Virginia National Guard Education Department call us at (434) 298-6222 or via email at for more information about your state education benefits.

Federal Tuition Assistance Program (FTA)

To apply for Federal Tuition Assistance benefits Service Members can go to Applications must be submitted at least one week prior to the start date of classes. First time Soldiers will select “Request TA” to sign up for classes, complete the Common Application and submit a Statement of Understanding.

Annual FTA Maximum of 16 semester hours per Fiscal Year up to $250 per semester hour. Soldiers may use TA to earn one or more degrees through the master’s level for a combined total of up to 130 SH at the undergraduate level (associate and bachelor’s), 39 SH for a master’s degree, and 21 SH for an academic certificate/diploma (undergraduate or graduate level).

Soldiers must maintain an Army GPA of 2.0 for undergraduate and 3.0 for graduate or higher when using TA.

Contact the Education Service Specialist at (434) 298-6329 or via email at for more information about your Federal education benefits.