Community Relations


Community Relations
The Virginia National Guard welcomes the opportunity to connect with our communities with the mission and capabilities of the Army and Air National Guard and Virginia Defense Force. We are pleased to offer the resources for the American public to request flyovers, displays, military bands, color and honor guards, and speakers.

Department of Defense policies require that Armed Forces participation in public events will be provided at no additional cost to the Government. The sponsor is required to pay, when necessary, the standard Military Services allowance for quarters and meals for all Armed Forces participants and for other services which have been determined in advance by the Military Services and agreed to by the Sponsor. Transportation and meal costs are not usually incurred when support is provided from a local military installation.

However, circumstances may dictate that reimbursement for any or all of these costs may be necessary. All costs are binding after a unit, personnel, or exhibit has arrived at an event site even though weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances force the event to be cancelled. Please note, Armed Forces musical units are organized for ceremonial and traditional purposes and to support recruiting activities. However, they may be authorized to provide certain specified presentations, such as patriotic ceremonies, for public programs. Armed Forces musical organizations are not permitted to provide entertainment, background, dinner, dance or other social music at public or private events in competition with the customary or regular employment of local civilian musicians.

When a request is made by an organization for Virginia National Guard assets, you are designated as the “sponsor” on the DD Form 2536. Please complete the information requested in the DD Form 2536 completely, as incomplete requests will not be processed. The process is as follows: Submit your request 90-120 days in advance of your event. Once your request is submitted, it is goes through a legal review process (which takes 1-2 weeks), after this time the request is either approved or denied. If it is approved, it is sent to an office which will assign a unit to this task. The assigned unit will reach out to the Sponsor to coordinate the details of the request.  If the request is denied, you will receive an email to notify you/your organization. You should receive contact about your request within 3-4 weeks after you have submitted it.

Please allow an additional week of time around holidays (especially Armed Forces Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day) as certain holidays tend to be the busiest in terms of requests. If you have not received a call or email regarding your submission, please send an email to

Please note that even though a request may be approved at the Headquarters level, it is not confirmation of participation in your event. You will be contacted by the assigned unit for particulars. If the unit that receives the request is not able to participate in your event, either another local unit will be assigned your event or a designee from the unit will call you to let you know your event will not be covered.

Please understand that events are covered based on availability of the unit to participate and will only be authorized when such support does not interfere with mission or training programs. In all cases, operational commitments take priority and can cause previously scheduled appearances to be cancelled. It is the Sponsor’s responsibility to coordinate and keep a dialogue with the unit to ensure that circumstances don’t change and the unit is still able to attend the event in the days prior to your event.

SPSHS, AG and SEA visit Soldiers at aviation battalion holiday mealAerial Support Requests
The Virginia National Guard offers aviation support, such as: flyovers, static displays and demonstrations to eligible events from air shows to professional sporting events.

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Point PleasantBand, Color and Honor Guard
A variety of ceremonial resources are available from large ceremonial bands to smaller ensembles.

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429th BSB hosts open houseDisplays
The Virginia National Guard offers the general public the opportunity to view a variety of displays by providing equipment and personnel support to eligible local events so that accurate information can be provided regarding the Virginia National Guard’s capabilities and missions.

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AG speaks to Va. Tech Corps of CadetsSpeakers Bureau
The Virginia National Guard Speakers Bureau offers the general public the opportunity to hear a Citizen-Soldier or Citizen-Airman speak about their personal experience of proudly serving in the Virginia National Guard. Speakers from every corner of Virginia can speak on a wide range of subjects such as Virginia National Guard missions, capabilities, diversity, history and organizational culture.

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VDF test communication capabilitiesCivil-Military Support Requests
The Virginia National Guard provides real-world training opportunities for our service members and units to prepare them for their state and federal missions while addressing the needs of Virginian communities. Through this program, military units refine their communications, traffic control management and engineering skills by performing services and developing projects for communities.

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Soldiers provide fresh water from Fort Pickett reservoirEquipment Lease
The Virginia National Guard is authorized to lease military equipment (other than arms, tactical vehicles, vessels and aircraft) to organizations or individuals when it is determined that the lease of the equipment promotes national defense or is in the best interests of the public. Leases are not made for which a counterpart exists on the commercial market place and is reasonably available for purchase or lease from a commercial vendor.

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