Va. Guard Soldiers operate trailer transfer point in Gate City

GATE CITY, Va. — Virginia National Guard Soldiers assigned to the Gate City-based 1030th Transportation Battalion, 329th Regional Support Group operated a trailer transfer point May 16, 2017, in Gate City as part of their two weeks of annual training. The TTP is part of a transportation mission that provides the Soldiers with real-world training and saves the Army money by using Guard resources to move containers, and it also simulates the kind of operation the Soldiers would conduct if they were providing logistics support overseas in a federal active duty status.

Soldiers assigned to the Emporia-based 1710th Transportation Company used M915 trucks to haul trailers with containers for Army Material Command from a location South Carolina to the TTP in Gate City, then Soldiers assigned to the Gate City-based 1032nd Transportation Company will use M1088 trucks to pick up the trailers at the TTP and haul the containers to a location in Kentucky. Nearly 40 vehicles will be used for each leg of the transport mission.

Soldiers assigned to the Manassas-based 229th Military Police Company will provide security for the convoys.

In addition to their federal mission of providing transportation support, Soldiers from the battalion have provided assistance to their communities during times of hazardous weather on state active duty status.

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